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Furnaces & Boilers: Yearly service or cleaning is suggested to keep efficiency and performance up. Also, remember to change or clean your filter (for furnaces) regularly. If your oil-fired system is not running, try pressing the "re-set" only ONCE. If it doesn't come on, call a technician

Air Conditioning Systems: "Spring Start-ups" are recommended before the system is started to prevent problems such as clogged drains, dirty indoor coils, reduce break downs and to keep the system running efficiently. If your system is blowing warm, change or clean your filter, make sure the thermostat is set below room temperature and check the breaker in the panel box. If that doesn't work, call a technician.

Duct work: Change your filter regularly and have duct work cleaned every five years (with pets) to seven years (without pets) for heating ducts. This will reduce dust, possibly reduce allergies and improve airflow.

Dryer vents: Cleaning the dryer vent is a service that many people overlook. Build-up of lint over time can be a fire hazard. It can also reduce the efficiency of your dryer by extending the drying time. Empty the lint trap after each use.

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